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Introducing agencyMAX: The complete platform for managing creative agencies

Find out about agencyMAX, the complete platform for running creative agencies and departments.

Introducing agencyMAX: The complete platform for managing creative agencies

Creative agencies and departments use a lot of different software and systems to manage their agencies. Still, they don’t have everything they need to manage their operations efficiently and effectively. Then consider the constant breakdowns between all the different solutions, and it becomes clear they need — and deserve — a better way to manage their agencies.

All that changes today.

Introducing agencyMAX, the most comprehensive, cutting-edge, powerful and proven agency management software solution available today.

How do we know agencyMAX is a cut above all the other agency management solutions?

We developed it over the last six years while building and growing our own agency, SketchDeck.

We weren’t able to find anything good enough to run our agency. We were concerned that we couldn’t deliver the level of service our customers deserve with a patchwork of software solutions that don’t connect with each other.

So we built our own software from the ground up that allows us to provide our clients with superior service. The agencyMAX platform is one of the key factors that helped fuel SketchDeck’s extraordinary growth to join the Inc. 5000 in 2019.

The agencyMAX platform has been used by hundreds of happy clients to smoothly and successfully manage and deliver more than 20,000 projects.

The problem.

To run effectively today, agencies need many tools:

  • Project management: to handle scheduling and guide project development
  • Billing: to manage client invoicing
  • Timekeeping: to collect and report time spent on creative projects
  • survey: to get client feedback
  • Client relationship management: to keep track of client records and activity
  • Communication: to connect people within the agency and the agency to its clients
  • Asset management: to store and share files
  • And more.

Subscriptions for these tools add up fast. Even with all of them, agencies still deal with late deadlines, lost emails, file version confusion, missed messages, forgotten timesheets, late client payments, supplier inefficiencies and disconnects between and among all these systems that can bring agencies to their knees.

The solution.

We were dealing with the same issues early on at SketchDeck, but weren’t willing to accept it as our reality. That’s why we developed our own platform, which eventually became agencyMAX.

The agencyMAX solution is unique because it’s a single system that comes with:

  • Automated workflows so projects are automatically moved from one member of a creative team to the next when it’s their turn to work on it.
  • An easy-to-read dashboard that allows agency personnel and clients to see everything they’re working on all in one place.
  • A simple, yet comprehensive, file management system, with all project assets in one place, and clear versioning so you always know what to work on and review.
  • An easy-to-use billing system that can handle all types of client billing, including hourly contracts, fixed price billing, retainers, subscriptions and more.
  • A simple way to share files with clients (no specialized software necessary) and get their comments and feedback.
  • A comprehensive metrics dashboard that reports everything managers need to know including complete financials, productivity, revenue, retention and more.
  • Automatic time recording as projects are completed, eliminating the need for cumbersome and confusing timesheets.
  • Client collaboration on briefs 24/7 without having to meet or use messages or email.
  • Brand asset accessibility any place, any time so client brands will always be represented correctly.

No other system is able to do all the things agencyMAX can.

Streamline and simplify.

The agencyMAX platform makes it possible to do more with fewer tools. Agencies that adopt agencyMAX are able to reduce use of — or completely eliminate — many of the tools they’re currently using, for example:

  • Project management. Wrike, JIRA, Workfront,, Screendragon, FunctionFox, VOGSY, Kissflow Project, Nuvro, Semrush
  • Design feedback: InVision, Ziflow, Blue360, Simpli,, Helio, Nimbus, CloudApp, Droplr, Skitch, Redpen, Bounce
  • Project intake: WUFOO
  • Communication: Slack, Gmail and other messaging and email systems
  • Billing, retainers and timekeeping: InvoiceRA, Paycove, Paymo, Intervals, Freshbooks
  • Asset management: Widen, Bynder, Intelligencebank, Brandfolder
  • File sharing: Dropbox, Box, Basecamp, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Citrix, HIGHTAIL

Agencies that adopt agencyMAX are able to save time navigating between systems and training team members, along with admin time fixing integrations when they break down. At the same time, they’ll reduce the risks associated with system disconnects and failures.

What clients have to say.

Clients who use agencyMAX love agencyMAX.

“AgencyMAX has everything we need for our agency in one place. It’s one of the most intuitive, yet powerful, platforms we’ve used — especially for our clients who picked it up right away. Its power is also in its simplicity; it's so easy to use! They also have a great team who's at the ready to jump in and support our goals and clients

Bottom Line? agencyMAX helps us work more effectively and deliver a better experience to our clients.”

Carlos Williams, Founder and CEO


“The platform is a critical element for keeping brand consistency across global regions and enabling our entire team to take our go to market strategy to the next level.”

Tessa Barron, VP Marketing


Pricing and getting started.

agencyMAX offers a free, unlimited 30 day trial and three monthly plan options. That means creative agencies and departments of all sizes with different needs can find a plan that’s perfect for them.

Want to find out more about agencyMAX? Check out our website or contact us at