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Get started with agencyMAX

We start every agency with a demo to show you the platform, set up your account and answer any questions.

Get started with agencyMAX

Step 1: Set up a demo call

While we’re in beta, we start every agency with a demo to show you the platform, set up your account and answer any questions.

Book a demo here:

Step 2: Invite your team

After the demo, we’ll set up an agency account for you. The first thing to do is add your team and set their roles:

Add your team and set their role

Each of your team members will receive an invitation to join the platform. Once they accept they will be ready to collaborate on projects.

Step 3: Start your first project

All work lives within a project. To start a project click on the home menu icon in the top left and click “Start new project”.

When you start a project it will ask who the project is for. As this is your first project, you’ll want to select “new client organisation”.

If the company is large, we recommend creating an organisation for the team you are working with (e.g. “Pepsi USA marketing team”). If it’s a smaller company, you can create an organisation for the whole company (e.g. “startup inc”).

This organisation becomes a secure home for all the projects & assets you create with this client. Later you can add individual people from the client to this account so they can access the projects & collaborate together.

Creating a new organisation

Press Ok, and you’ll have a draft brief that you can complete. You can share this brief with others on your team as needed. Press “start now” to turn the draft into an active project ready for work.

Project brief

Step 3: Add the project team & set up the workflow

Now you have an active project, you’ll want to set up the team who will work on this.

Go to the “Team” tab and click “add team member”. Select the role and the relevant person from your team.

Add team

Once you have the team set up, move to the workflow tab to set up how the project should run.


Finally, click the “Draft review > Project plan” task in the blue banner at the top of the screen to record the time worked, mark that the project planning is complete and move the project to the next step of the creative process.

Complete project planning task

Step 4: Upload assets and iterate

After completing the project plan, the project will move to the next step. In this example, this is for a designer to work on a concept for the brief.

The designer will receive an email notification letting them know the project is ready for them. They can click through to read the brief and hit the “start work” button in the taskbar to show they are working on the project.

AgencyMAX is not a design creation platform. Your creative team will work in their preferred platform (adobe, figma, sketch, etc) to create the assets.

When the designer has completed their work, they should upload or link to the files on the files tab. This makes the files available to everyone in your team, so they are not just stored on one person’s computer. We recommend uploading a pdf of the creative files too — this allows the best previews.

Add files

The designer should then press “complete task”, log the time worked and hit “complete” which moves the project forward to creative review.

Your creative reviewer will receive an email notifying them the project is ready for review. They can preview the concept on the design tab of the project and add comments, directions and feedback as needed.

Providing creative feedback

Once they have reviewed the work, they open the task panel to log their time, and decide if it needs to go back to the designer or can progress forwards to quality control. They then hit complete task to show they have completed the work and the project moves forward to the next person.

Step 5: Share with your client for feedback

Once your team are ready, they can move the project to client review. This makes the files available to the client to see (previously they were locked to just your creative team so the client isn’t seeing all the work in progress).

At this stage you can invite individual people from the client to the project. You do this by clicking the share button, add team member, selecting collaborator, and adding their email address.

The clients will receive an email inviting them to the project. When they click through, they will create an account and then see the project in the browser. They can add their comments and feedback to the project and send back to you when they are finished reviewing.

Step 6: Repeat to completion

This is one complete iteration cycle for the project. This process repeats as many times as you need to achieve the goals laid out in the brief.

Each iteration goes via the project manager who can check that the project is on track and redirect as needed. All the while the assets, history and work is automatically logged to the project for easy access.

Project history

The project manager can mark the project as complete when ready. This closes all the open tasks and files it away. Projects can be easily found and reopened as needed via project search. Clients can also access the project and download assets as needed,

Scale to many projects and clients

agencyMAX can scale up to cover all the projects and clients you work on. We have extra tools and features to help you manage many projects and team members, but the basics covered above remain the same.

Overseeing many active projects

Here are some other things the platform can do for you as you scale up:

  • Manage workflow templates to make projects run consistently
  • Hold threaded conversations on projects
  • Assign team members to work on clients (they will be automatically added to the team when you start a project for that client)
  • Invite client team members to the platform to increase your exposure
  • Set up brand pages for your client
  • Monitor performance metrics for your agency
  • Switch on billing & invoicing

For learn more about these or answer any other questions, get in touch with us here.