Getting started video

A short video showing you how to get started with agencyMAX

Getting started video


In this short video we'll show you how to:

  1. Sign up for agencyMAX
  2. Create an account for your client
  3. Start your first project
  4. Collaborate with your team
  5. Share files with your client for feedback


0:00Hi, this is Jonathan from agency max and I'm gonna show you how to start your first project.

0:05The first thing you're going to want to do is come to agency max dot com and click log in after you log in.

0:14You're gonna want to invite your team into your workspace to do that.

0:17You come down to invite your team under things to do on the dashboard, click add people, paste their email address in this bar and click invite while you're waiting for your teammate to accept their invitation into the platform, you can start your new project to do that.

0:36All you have to do is come over here and click new project.

0:39We're going to create this project for a new account.

0:42So we're gonna go in here and type in their name new test client.

0:47We can put their U R L down here if we want to.

0:50We're not going to And we're gonna click OK, After we set up that new client, we're gonna be taken to the project brief.

1:00All we have to do here is enter the title of the project, we're gonna call it first branding project.

1:09And then all we have to do is click start now, over here on the right when you start your first project, you're gonna be prompted to go over here to the workflow tab.

1:18The workflow is where you're gonna be able to add and remove steps, assign different steps and tasks to your teammates and set deadlines.

1:26So we're gonna go and click workflow here by now.

1:31Your teammate has accepted their invitation into the platform.

1:34So to add them to any step that you have in this specific project.

1:38You just click where it says no one here.

1:41You can type in their name or you can type in an email address to add a new person here but we're just gonna type their name here.

1:47We their name is designer.

1:50We'll click on them and then we can add them only to this design step.

1:54Or we could add them to all of the steps in the designer role, we'll add them to all of the tasks for the designer role and we'll click them.

2:02You can also customize any of the workflow steps you see here on this list.

2:05All you have to do is come over to the step.

2:07You want to customize, click the three dots next to it, you can edit the name, you can duplicate it, you can set it as a client review step, you can set it as the current step or you can remove that step, so we're gonna remove quality control here and you can see it disappears just like that.

2:22Once you're done setting up your workflow for this project, you can complete the project and send it to the designer to actually start working to do that.

2:31All you have to do is click the step name up here in the task bar, mark done and sent to design.

2:39It's going to complete that step.

2:40It's going to make this next design step, The current step and the designer will get a notification that it's their turn to work.

2:47We'll do next.

2:47This will log in as the designer so you can see what they see as they got that notification.

2:52We're now logged in as the designer and we're looking at their dashboard when someone on your team has things to do, they're going to show up down here on their dashboard.

3:03You can see all the tasks that they have to work on next to those tasks.

3:06You can see the deadline and you can also see this start work button here.

3:09If we click that start work button, we're gonna be taken right into the project that they have to work on.

3:14Yeah, once your designer is ready to upload the attachments that they're working on, All you have to do is come over to the attachments tab, click add under main design and then just drag in the file that you want to use and click upload.

3:32Once it uploads, you're gonna want to make sure that preview here is turned on, it should turn on automatically.

3:39Once preview is turned on, you're gonna be able to see that file in the design tab here.

3:44So if we click over the design, you get to see the file here.

3:48this is the image that we uploaded on.

3:51Any design that you have uploaded into the platform.

3:54You could leave feedback to do that.

3:56All you have to do is come over here to the top right words.

3:58As viewing, change this to pinning, click anywhere on the image or whatever file type do you have and type in your comment?

4:12hmm click the send button and then everyone on your team internally is going to be able to see this comment.

4:19So our next step is a creative review.

4:21So what we're gonna do now is come over to our task bar complete this step, mark down and send it to the creative reviewer.

4:28who's gonna be able to answer this question?

4:30Is this phase too much next?

4:35What we'll do is lock back in as the creative reviewer resolve this piece of feedback here and send this to the client to review as well.

4:43We are now locked back in as our creative reviewer notice.

4:47We are on the homepage.

4:48Again, our next test to do is the creative review.

4:51So let's come over here again and click start work.

4:54We're gonna be brought to our project.

4:55Home page will come over here and click design where we can see the pin that the designer left.

5:00Is this phase too much?

5:02I can come back here and answer them.

5:05I love it, click resolved and that red exclamation point is going to turn to a green check mark.

5:10So we know that everyone's on the same page.


5:14The next thing we want to do is send this to our client to review and give their feedback.

5:18So to do that.

5:18We have to do two things.

5:19The first is we need to invite the client into the platform to do that.

5:23All we have to do is come up here and click share.

5:25We're gonna make sure that when this pop up comes up that we are on the client tab here, we can type in their email address just like this.

5:32We're gonna get a nice little pop up that that prompts us to invite that person into the platform.

5:38We'll click invite.

5:40We'll come here.

5:41We'll click Plus.

5:43And that person is going to have an invitation that they have to accept to then review the the file themselves.

5:49Once you invite your client to work on your project with you, you can close this pop up here, come up to where it says status with agency, click the three dots next to that click send to client.

6:01Now you're gonna pop up where you can make sure that the attachments that you want to send them are the ones that you're sending to them.

6:07You can drag these back and forth here.

6:09You can leave them a note if you want to and then click send that's going to complete the step that you're working on currently and send this project to the client for feedback.


6:22The next thing that we'll do is log in as the client So we can see how simple it is for them to log into the project, leave your feedback and be on their way.

6:33We are now logged in as your client and we are on the project's overview page note that your clients never really going to go to the homepage because they're going to get an email that says it's your turn to leave feedback.

6:43All you have to do is click that email and they're taken to this page right here.

6:47They'll get a prompt to review design and leave pins which they can click.

6:52They'll see the delivery note that you left them high.

6:55They can close that it's gonna prompt them how to leave feedback.

6:59Got it.

7:00All they then have to do is come here to viewing.

7:03Change this depends, leave you their feedback and when they're done, all they have to do is click complete review sent to agency and then you receive the feedback that they're leaving for you.


7:21After completing a review, client is also going to be able to leave you feedback to let you know how the project is going.

7:30And that's all you have to do to start your first project in agency max assign your teammates, add attachments, received feedback and finish up your first project