Case study

Case study: Studio DBC

Case study: Studio DBC

The ‘product’ for any creative agency is the creative itself; a streamlined process to manage creative development with clients is important for any agency owner. When teams and clients are distributed and remote working is the norm - it’s easy for these processes to become disjointed and slowed by lack of in-person communications. This capability becomes mission critical. 

The Challenge: Finding a creative asset management & delivery system that employees and clients could own together

As a boutique brand agency in New York City, DBC Owner and Founder Carlos Williams was looking for ways to streamline the movement of the creative between designers and clients, and not be ‘bottlenecked’ by someone forgetting to send an email, delayed by someone pushing a task forward or even requiring everything to go through him. 

“I always worried if I went on vacation everything would fall apart because so many things had to flow through me to get to clients”. 

While trying multiple ‘traditional’ project management systems, every attempt to use these platforms to solve his challenges never materialized because:

  • Platforms required a manual intervention to ‘push’ the creative tasks forward 
  • Clients were kept on the ‘outside’ so creative reviews and delivery remained disconnected 
  • The tools were loaded with so much functionality his team was overwhelmed, and consequently never fully embraced

DBC was stuck - and needed a reset to help his team manage the workload and set themselves up for success in an increasingly distributed environment for his team and clients. 

The Solution: Moving to a platform built around the creative process for creative agencies

Carlos selected AgencyMax because he recognized the platform could solve his most critical challenges as a creative agency owner:

  • Automated workflows around the creative process - no more manual ‘pushes’ or internal bottlenecks
  • The functionality creatives needed and not features they didn’t. Helping ensure the platform would be fully adopted by his team.
  • More streamlined & collaborative creative & client engagement enabling agency creatives and clients to use the platform together around creative development and delivery

DBC paired the adoption of AgencyMax with their own cultural reset on improved communication.  Without all the extraneous functionality, onboarding was covered in a single session and adoption was easy. 

The results:

  • An agency owner now has improved visibility to all the creative projects while requiring less personal involvement to keep things moving.
  • A creative team feels more empowered in moving their work and confident in engaging with clients directly on the platform 
  • An agency’s clients have full visibility to project status at any time and feel more connected to the creative output. Which keeps them coming back.

“AgencyMax gets our clients really involved in the work that we're doing. It’s simplified processes so we don’t always have to have such formal creative review meetings. Our projects are moving faster. And our team is much happier now.”