Case study

Case study: Nimble Digital

Case study: Nimble Digital

Agency owners know the satisfaction of reveling in the finished ‘product’ as a hallmark of their Agency’s craft. The new identity on a client’s wall, the final ad in print, the new website launched and live.

But dig deeper, and there’s always a story that goes behind it. How did the idea come to life? How was it sold in to the client? And how many iterations, back and forth exchanges, rounds of reviews occurred before it got ‘approved’?  That part of the process where Agency profits are made, or not.

The Challenge: Finding a creative asset management & delivery system to streamline the agency and client ‘exchange’ 

Glen Erickson - Director of Nimble Digital is no stranger to complex review cycles across thousands of digital assets and dozens of clients. Nimble was well versed in sophisticated project management tools to help manage their internal processes, but struggled integrating external clients into their tools and processes. The ‘cycles’ were taxing.

“We always had to initiate client projects from our side. We didn’t have any way to easily manage the back and forth between clients. We needed people to forward projects or check boxes to keep things moving. Which gets old really fast.”

The Solution: Bringing agency and clients together on a singular platform. 

Nimble Digital selected AgencyMax to help streamline and automate the rhythm of work between creatives within the Agency - no matter where they were located - and between the creatives and clients.

“Agency Max offered us a more natural way of using a tool to do work - as if we were in the office together. I could hand off files in the tool as if I was dropping it off on someone’s desk. It was much more organic.”  

The results? 

  • An agency owner now has high level visibility to every project in the agency, despite not being able to ‘see’ his team 
  • Project Managers are relieved seeing work move between creatives and with Clients, without requiring them to ‘push’ it, or follow up
  • Clients feel closer to the creative process and are more comfortable having visibility to where projects were at, at all times

Even as the agency transitioned from in-person to remote to hybrid (and back to remote), Nimble Digital was able to stay true to their name, and remain … nimble  ... because they had a solid workflow process anchored in AgencyMax.

“I think the past year would have been significantly more challenging without AgencyMax. That whole process around client exchange is really valuable and internally, it's improved our workflow so we can get more work done.”

Isn’t that what it’s all about?