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Our Story

We believe the world is better with great design. AgencyMAX was built to power our creative agency, SketchDeck, to be one of the fastest growing companies (Inc. 5000, 2019). After six years of development, we’re excited to open our platform for all creative agencies to benefit from.


The agencyMAX platform

agencyMAX workflow automation screenshots

Automate workflows for your team

Create workflow templates for your projects. The baton is automatically passed among your team members as work is completed.

agencyMAX dashboard
Agency & Client

A dashboard with everything you & your clients need

See items that need your attention, the status of your projects and inspiration from across the team, all in one place.

Agency & Client

All your assets in one place with full version history

Every file lives on the project, with full version history. Never get lost in emails trying to track down a file again.

agencyMAX digital asset management
agencyMAX client billing made easy
Agency & Client

Billing made easy

Hourly billing. Fixed price billing. Retainer billing. All managed in one place. Tracked at the project and client level.

Example of capturing client feedback with agencyMAX
Agency & Client

Capture client feedback effortlessly

Preview design files in the browser. No need for clients to have Photoshop. Clients and agencies can talk directly about the design.

agencyMAX ratings and performance tracking

Measure performance and track progress

Productivity, revenue, profitability, retention. All tracked and reported in real time from your metrics dashboard.

agencyMAX timesheet and time-tracking tool

Capture time as you work. No more timesheets!

Every time a task is complete, we record time worked. No manual timesheet entries at the end of the week.

agencyMAX project briefs creation tool
Agency & Client

Create briefs collaboratively with your clients

Customizable briefs that you can share with your team and clients. Projects can be initiated 24/7 without email, meetings or lost messages.

agencyMAX brand design and brand strategy management tool
Agency & Client

A home for your client’s brand

Store client brand assets & guidelines in an easy-to-use brand page that's automatically attached to every project.

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The complete platform to manage your creative agency.
Photo of Carlos Williams

AgencyMAX has everything we need for our agency in one place. It’s one of the most intuitive, yet powerful platforms we’ve used - especially for our clients who picked it up right away. Its power is also in its simplicity; it's so easy to use! They also have a great team who's at the ready to jump in and support our goals and clients

Bottom Line? agencyMAX helps us work more effectively and deliver a better experience to our clients.

Carlos Williams, Founder & CEO

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Photo of Tessa Barron

The platform is a critical element for keeping brand consistency across global regions and enabling our entire team to take our go to market strategy to the next level.

Tessa Barron, VP Marketing

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